Concrete Block Wall Repair & Replacement

block wall repair and replacement

CMU Concrete Blocks are porous and over a period of time are subject to decay. The most common reason we see for problems with deterioration or movement of a block wall is either expansive soil conditions or moisture penetration occurring. Depending on the situation there are two basic solutions, including

Concrete Block Wall Repair

Wall Repair - In this method we can shore up the walls using anchors, repair any cracks using injection methods. We check all block joints to ensure they are properly sealed up.

Concrete Block Wall Replacement

Wall Replacement - At times block walls become so decayed they may require replacement. This can be a quite expensive proposition, however, if the blocks are supporting the entire weight of your home it is essential you ensure that the structural integrity of your home is not put in question. The process of replacement can include just a wall (sometimes adding a sister wall) or in severe cases raising up the structure and doing an entire foundation replacement.

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Don't wait for the problem to get better, it won't. The longer decay and either vertical or horizontal movement occurs the more expensive the repair typically is. If you see a problem just give AFBR Construction Services a call at (865) 312-8806 and we'll send out a certified and trained structural specialist to assess the problem and give you straight and honest answers, and the most affordable solutions.

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