Brick & Masonry Crack Repair In Knoxville Tennessee And The Surounding Areas

Crumbling brick? Deteriorating mortar? Do you need current brickwork repaired, or are you interested in adding new brickwork? AFBR Construction Services can help!

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Aging brickwork can make it necessary for pointing, replacement or resetting, and we can bring new life to aging brick walls, columns and more, at a fraction of the price of most competitors. Having brickwork properly repaired can bring value to your home, as well as peace of mind.

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4 Main Causes Of Brick And Masonry Cracks

There are several common issues that can cause cracking in your masonry. The most common place this occurs in in the mortar between the bricks on your home. Our team can diagnose and repair any brick wall cracking issues you may have. Below is a list of the 4 most common causes of brick and masonry wall cracking in Knoxville Tennessee.

1.Settlement Cracks

These are some of the most common cracks, generally referred to as "stair step cracks". These are found at or close to the corners of your home. Caused by the settlement of your foundation, these are also easily repaired by a certified wall crack repair contractor.

2.Thermal Expansion Cracks

A vertical or stair step crack can appear in the upper portions of the masonry and are caused by thermal expansion. Brick walls expand when heated by the sun, if there are no expansion joints present cracks can be caused.

3.Steel Expansion Cracks

Another common crack that occurs at the upper corners of doorways, garage doors, windows or any opening. The usual cause is the steel that supports the bricks above these openings. In order to have these fixed, you can contact our brick crack repair experts for help.

4.Bulging or Bowed Wall Cracks

Cracks can appear over an entire wall or if the wall is bulged or bowed in any way. These are found mostly in basements where the foundation is made out of concrete blocks. Our team of experts can help repair concrete block walls and any cracking that may appear.

Brick and Masonry Crack Repair In Knoxville, Knox County, And The Surrounding Areas

For more information about our brick and masonry wall repair services in Knoxville, Knox County, Monroe County, Claiborne County, and Jefferson County areas please feel free to contact us today. We look forward to addressing any questions or concerns that you may have and look forward to helping you with your home repairs in the near future.

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