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Whether you need help repairing drywall from damage, installing new drywall on a previously existing wall, or fresh drywall hung on a newly built wall. The drywall professionals at AFBR Construction Services can help!

Drywall repair

If you have damaged drywall due to cracks from foundation settlement, damage from moisture, a rodent infestation, regular wear and tear, or an accident involving an overly energetic child. Our team has seen and repaired them all, so we've got you covered?

If you're creating a new space in your home, we can not only hang and finish new drywall for you to complete the space, but if you're at the very beginning of your project, we can frame it out to your specifications, hang and finish the drywall and apply the paint of your choice to complete the project.

Give us a call here at AFBR Construction Services to set up a free, no obligation consultation for your drywall project.

Top Causes Of Drywall Damage

There are many factors that can cause damage to the drywall in your home. It is important to have a professional drywall contract repair this damage to protect your home. Some of the most common causes of drywall damage can be found below:

1.Popping Nails

If the nails are not securly set in the center of the joist or stud, over time a nail my pop through the drywall. Do Not try to hammer the nail back into place, this can lead to more damage.

2.Furniture Scuffs

Scuff marks from furniture are another form of damage you may find, even before you move into your new home. They are typically minor issues and have the appearance of pencil marks or maker stains. You can avoid causing scuffs by carefully moving your furniture around your home. If there is no actuall damage to the drywall, then these can be removed with a household cleaning sponge.

3.Smaller Holes

Small holes can be caused by a number of things, like a door or chair impacting the wall with too much force. You can keep this from happening by purchasing protective plates to put where holes will most likely occur. If the holes occur in a place that is not easily repaired or are slighly larger you can contact one of our drywall repair contractors to help you fix the hole.

4.Large Holes

Large holes often occur with significant trauma to the walls. These are impossible to predict and even harder to prevent. Often times if a large hole occurs a small section of the drywall needs to be removed to fix it. Do not attempt to do this yourself. Improper removal of drywall can lead to gaps and further damage to the wall. Contact one of our drywall repair experts to help you solve the issue.

5.Water Damage0

If a leaky pipe or flooding occurs in your house the drywall will often turn brown around the area where the water has leaked. This is a serious issue and needs to be addressed by a professional. Often times this entails removing large secitons of the damaged drywall as well as hiring a plumber to fix any piping leaks you may have.

6.Loose Joint tape

Joint tape is used to cover nail holes as well as reinforce the seam between two pieces of drywall. If the tape adhesive fails, the structural integrity of the wall can be comprimised. This can cause large pieces of drywall to fall from the ceiling or walls of your home. These issues need to be addressed by a professional drywall contractor to ensure they will not happen again.

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For more information about our drywall repair and finishing contracting services in Knoxville, Knox County, Monroe County, Claiborne County, and Jefferson County areas please feel free to contact us today. We look forward to addressing any questions or concerns that you may have and look forward to helping you with your home repairs in the near future.

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