Joist and Sagging Floor Repair

Whether it's structural damage due to water, fire, storms or settlement in East Tennessee, AFBR Construction Services can help your home by repairing or replacing joists underneath your home that contribute to sagging floors, cracked drywall, sticking doors or windows, and improve the overall structural integrity of your home.

joist and sagging floor repair

Over time, rotted or insufficiently constructed joists can lead to structural weakness that can compromise the overall structural integrity of your home, which can cause a myriad of problems from simple bowed or sloping floors, all the way up to complete structural failure to point of collapse.

The experts at AFBR Construction Services can rebuild and reinforce your home's joists, in most cases providing a more stable and structurally sound foundation for your home than it was when it was brand new.

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What Causes Sagging Floor Joists?

Inadequate Supports

The support system under your home has too few support posts to hold up the structure. This can be a serious issue and could lead to a rapid decline in the structual saftey of your home.

Weakened Floor Joists

Moisture, rot, termites, wood-boring insects, or other destructive forces have damaged your structural wood. Another common cause of this is moisture issues cause by improper yard drainage and grading. When what builds up against your home this can weaken the joists holding your floor up.

Support Settlement

Weak Supporting soils underneath your crawl space supports can cause them to sink into the ground. This can cause the joists under your home to sag causing a noticable dip in the floor of your home.

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For more information about our joist and sagging floor repair services in Knoxville, Knox County, Monroe County, Claiborne County, and Jefferson County areas please feel free to contact us today. We look forward to addressing any questions or concerns that you may have and look forward to helping you with your home repairs in the near future.

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